Compare Images

Use the Compare Images function to view multiple pictures at once in order to select the best ones from among them. To access Compare Images from the Browser, use View | Compare Images [Ctrl+J].

The way that the Compare Images space is divided up depends on the display mode: One preview, Two previews, vertical, Two previews, horizontal, Three previews, vertical, Three previews, horizontal or Four previews.

One of the previewed pictures is always the active picture. It is framed with a red rectangle. This picture can be copied or moved to another folder, or deleted from disk. Click another picture's thumbnail to make it active instead. You can also move among pictures using the Previous File and Next File buttons. These automatically skip over files that have already been displayed.

The other functions govern the contents of the preview panes—zooming in and out, showing/hiding a picture's histogram, turning blowout highlighting on/off, and showing/hiding picture information.

If the View | Information option is active, a pane beneath each thumbnail shows picture information and controls for labels and picture ratings.

You can also use the mouse wheel to quickly display a picture from one pane in another pane. In two-picture mode, you can click the mouse wheel over any part of a preview and, until you release the mouse wheel, the other preview is shown in place of that preview. The other preview receives a blue frame around it. In modes with more than two pictures, setting the "other" picture is more complicated. You need to hold down the mouse wheel in a place that corresponds to what the position of the desired picture would be if the active preview were divided into sections in the same way that the overall preview space is divided into sections. For example, if you are using the "Three previews, horizontal" mode, then each preview is divided into three sections side by side, and clicking in, for example, the leftmost third of the picture displays the picture from the leftmost preview pane in the active pane.

Use the settings in Settings | Preferences | Compare Images to set how mouse wheel scrolling works here and what information is shown under pictures.