Use this product to easily create a collage of photos fitting a predetermined format:

  • A4 (8.27″ × 11.7″) landscape
  • A4 (8.27″ × 11.7″) portrait
  • 30 × 30 cm (12″ × 12″)
  • 4 : 3
  • Full HD
  • Facebook – cover photo
  • Twitter – cover photo
  • Content-based – the collage’s dimensions are automatically adjusted to fit those of the photos inside it.
  • Custom…

Use the Templates controls to change the layout of a collage’s pictures.  You can shift the dividing lines among photos using the mouse. Styles determine how the borders between pictures in the collage will look. Use the “T” icon to add text to the collage. Use the Ikona.  icon to freely add another, separate picture that is not governed by the template. If you have chosen a fixed template format, you can choose between fitting the template to your selected picture format, or fitting the template to your selected photos.

Use the Paper Settings group of controls to configure the collage’s Paper background  and Inside frame.  Certain templates can show a decorative pattern in the background; for these, use Background pattern under Paper background to choose a pattern.

In the Inside frame controls, you can set that frame’s Thickness, Rounding, Opacity, and color.

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Use the New Features in the ZPS Collage Tool to Create Better Collages Faster Than Ever