Print Photos

Use this photo product to order photo and poster prints or print them out on your home printer.

Photo prints you order are printed on high-quality HD Profi Photo photo paper (270 g weight – slightly sturdier than 140lb Index paper in the US system) in glossy or matte versions. The paper’s surface has been treated a layer that resists scuffing, spills, and fingerprints. Photos are printed using a unique inkjet printing technology that gives them lifespans of up to 300 years.
Photos’ dimensions differ slightly from ordinary formats; this is due to the production technology used. The precise photo dimensions are listed HERE.

Poster printing also uses very high-quality paper:
INKJET Profi Photo with a weight of 240 g, which is available in glossy or matte versions. This paper is suitable for studio and professional photos that demand the best in quality and execution.
High-weight, 290-gram INKJET Profi Photo Premium matte paper with a pearled surface and a microporous surface on a PE photo base.

The complete selection of poster dimensions is listed HERE.

The A4, A3, A6, Letter, Legal, and Custom formats cannot be ordered for printing via ZPS X.

In the Layout section, two options for Print layout are available:

Max size for grid – use this to set a number of columns and rows that in turn determines how many pictures will fit on one page in your chosen format.

Max count for size – several preset formats are available here. Choosing a printing size here also sets the number of pictures with given dimensions that fit on one page of the chosen size format. It is not possible to set photo dimensions that are larger than the paper’s dimensions.

Use the next group, Content Settings, to configure paper settings such as Paper color, Paper type (glossy or matte), the paper’s Orientation, the pictures’ distances from each other via the Grid width, and whether or not to print Crop marks, which make it easy to cut away a printed photo’s edges.

The bottommost settings here control Image placement. Use them to choose an Image layout from among the following options:

Crop – each photo will be added directly, without adapting it to the size of its photo box.

Fit – each photo will be resized to respect its photo box.

Use Image rotation to control rotation:

Original – places each photo into its box unrotated.

Automatic rotation – automatically rotates each photo to respect the rotation of its photo box.

Recommendations for Your ZPS Photo Prints

The fixed template for printing is actually very slightly larger than the actual fixed dimensions of the template. Because of this, our recommendations are: under Print layout, choose Max size for grid; under Image placement, choose Crop, and under  Grid width, leave 0. These settings will prevent undesirable white borders around photos’ edges.

Always check your print job’s appearance inside the program, and do not place anything important at the very edge of any of the pictures, because they may be cropped for printing purposes, depending on the print template’s precise dimensions.

The Print Templates’ Precise Dimensions

  • 10×13 cm template => precise dimensions of 101×135 mm
  • 10×15 cm => 101×152 mm
  • 13×18 cm => 135×180 mm
  • 15×20 cm => 152×203 mm
  • 15×23 cm => 152×228 mm
  • 15×30 cm => 152×304 mm
  • 23×30 cm => 229×304 mm
  • 30×20 cm => 304×203 mm
  • 30×30 cm => 304×304 mm
  • 30×40 cm => 304×406 mm
  • 30×45 cm => 304×457 mm
  • 30×61 cm => 304×609 mm