Batch Filter

Use the Batch Filter to make multiple edits at once to one or more pictures. Use it in the Editor to make them to a single picture, or in the Manager to make them to multiple pictures.

To work with the Batch Filter, use Edit | Batch Filter [Ctrl+Q].

Unlike most of the program's editing filters, the Batch Filter window lets you combine and apply any number of filters, that is, functions for editing pictures and processing picture files. (File-related filters are only available when you've opened the Batch Filter from the Manager.)

Thus you can, for example, use a single visit to the Batch Filter to shrink a picture, sharpen it, brighten it, give it a white border and a black frame around the border, add a copyright watermark, and then rename it. The renaming filter offers the same settings that are available when you use the function named Batch Rename.

The right side of the window shows settings for the individual filters, grouped together into sections. The title bar of each section includes a checkbox. Use that checkbox to include the section or exclude it. The title bars also each include a button for restoring default settings and a button for displaying a menu. This menu contains commands for removing the given filter, re-ordering filters, and adding a new filter. At the right end of each filter's title bar is an arrow. Click it to collapse or expand the whole filter. The top right of the Batch filter window has buttons for adding and removing filters.

Use the Save button at the bottom right to save Presets for the Batch Filter under names of your choice. To quickly run the Batch Filter with a saved preset of your choice, use Edit | Apply Batch Filter.

Two of the filters, Convert File and Renaming, have a few restrictions as a natural result of what they do: each of these filters can be used only once, they can only be used in the order Convert, Rename, and they must be the last filters in order. These filters do not make sense to use from the Editor, so they are ignored if you have called up the Batch Filter from there. There are no restrictions on the output path you can use, and relative paths such as "..backup" are allowed. If the path in question does not exist, it will be created.

You can apply edits to one picture at a time, or apply them all at once to all the pictures in the batch. (The column on the left of the window lists the pictures in the batch.)

For more information on the individual edits offered here, see the topics concerning them.