Search and Replace

You can use this function to replace one piece of text with another within picture-information fields of your choice. This function is useful when, for example, you have entered some information incorrectly, or to replace information in one language with information in another language.

To reach this window, use Information | Search and Replace… [Ctrl+K] in the Browser.  

This opens a window for batch edits of all textual picture information in the selected pictures, via search-and-replace. Use the column on the left to choose which text items in the photos to Search in. Use the Find and Replace fields to indicate what text should be replaced with what other text. Use Whole words only to set whether or not to replace text when the contents of the Find field in the text not as a separate word, but rather as a part of a word. The Match case option determines whether or not capitalization differences should be ignored. The Approve changes one by one option sets whether replacements should be automatic, or whether you will monitor the whole process picture-by-picture instead. When this option is turned on, the Search, Replace, and Replace All options become active so that you can use them to confirm each replacement. Use the Apply button (and the Apply to All button if multiple pictures are selected) at the bottom of the window to do the actual replacing and resaving of the modified files.

The Search and Replace makes changes to text information within files themselves, and these is no Undo for this function.