You can sort the files in a folder by their attributes—their names, file sizes, extensions, types, and dates. You can also set your own custom sorting, or use advanced sorting, that is, sorting based on EXIF picture information. You can set sorting type in the Browser’s right-click menu (the Sort by item), in the Browser’s main menu under Organize | Sort by, using the Sort by  Ikona. button on the toolbar, or using column headers, if you have activated Organize | Sort by | Show Header.

Custom sorting—in this mode, you can sort pictures freely, by dragging and dropping their thumbnails to the intended places in the sorting order. The first time you switch to custom sorting for a folder, whatever sorting order you are currently using for that folder is retained. You can then drag the picture to the position that you need. The red line between pictures while you drag indicates what the dragged picture’s sorting position will be if you drop it at a given moment. You can cancel custom sorting for a folder at any time using the right-click menu. If you rest the mouse cursor over an edge of the thumbnails window during your drag-and-drop work, the display will scroll so that you can see what is beyond that edge.

The sorting method has an effect on the speed of the program. Sorting by EXIF information requires that EXIF information be read for each file in a folder before that folder can be displayed. For this reason, sorting by name is the fastest.