Use this section of the preferences to adjust how the Editor looks and behaves.

You can also change the Main toolbar location. With the default setting, the toolbar lies horizontally in the side panel. You can change it to a vertical toolbar on the left or right instead.

Darken area to be cropped sets how heavily the program darkens the area that the Crop tool will crop.

The Animate selection outline option makes the outlines of selections “move” so they are more visible. If you encounter problems with selections in the Editor, such as a flashing screen or program slowdowns, turn this option off.

Use the next control, For the “Save As” command, offer…, for added convenience if you frequently need to open pictures in one folder and save their edited versions in another folder. The two choices here set whether the Save As window starts out showing the last folder visited, or shows the folder containing the currently open file (if any) instead.

You can also change the folder for the Editor’s temporary files. Temporary files are used when editing large files in the Editor.

Use the Enable deprecated Gradient Filter tool option to restore the Gradient Filter function to the Editor.