Preview Mode

Use this mode to rapidly preview the picture that is currently selected (highlighted) in the Filmstrip. To quickly inspect the picture’s details, zoom in using the mouse wheel. By default, pictures are shown at the “Fit to Window” zoom level. Click and hold the left mouse button to show the picture at 100% zoom. Then drag the picture to pan it. Release the button to automatically return to “Fit to Window” zoom. You can also change the zoom level using the buttons on the toolbar above the preview area, or using the usual shortcut keys.

The Preview mode can also display the previews of multiple pictures at once, therefore it can be used for comparing images.

The toolbar contains these controls:

  • Ikona. Fast Preview – use this to choose between loading at full quality and fast previewing at lower quality. When Fast Preview is selected, the Load Full Quality at 1:1 Zoom option becomes available. When Full Quality is selected, the Fast Preview for Multiple Files option becomes available.
  • A zoom slider to smoothly zoom in or out
  • Ikona. Normal Size (1:1) [Num *] – sets the zoom level to 100%
  • Ikona. Fit to Frame [Num 0] – fits the whole picture in the preview
  • Ikona. Fit Shorter Side [Num .] – fits the picture’s shorter side; the picture can then be scrolled in one direction only; useful e.g. for viewing panoramas
  • Ikona. Zoom Lock [Num /] – makes the zoom level stay the same when you switch pictures
  • Ikona. Synchronize Zoom – only available when Preview is showing multiple previews; synchronizes the zoom level among previews
  • Ikona. Preview Options – use this to configure how previews is displayed and the settings that influence its behavior

Ikona. Preview Options

Multi-preview Layout offers three modes: Automatic | Horizontal | Vertical.

Use Mouse-wheel action to set what action the preview performs when the mouse wheel is rotated: moving among pictures or changing the zoom level. If you hold down [Ctrl] while rotating the mouse wheel, this will always change the zoom level. If the Keep zoom level option is active, you can use a single left click on the given picture to switch between the Zoom to Fit zoom level and your last chosen zoom level.
If the Keep zoom level option is active, you can use a single left click on the given picture to switch between the Zoom to Fit zoom level and your last chosen zoom level.
Turn on Enlarge small pictures to automatically zoom in on small pictures so that they fill the Preview or Viewer window.
Turn on Show transparency grid to make ZPS show a checkerboard grid for transparent parts of the picture.
Turn on After last picture, loop back to first is active to make viewing smoothly go back to the start of a folder after reaching its end.
Turn on the option named After changing a rating or label, advance to the next one to make ZPS automatically move you to the next picture in the folder after you assign a rating or colored label to a picture when viewing it in Preview mode.
Turn on Show information and controls to show or hide the display of all the information you defined in the Preview Information Settings.
Information display settings offers advanced options for the display of preview information.

Showing Multiple Files

When multiple files are selected in the Filmstrip, Preview shows them all. Up to 9 pictures can be previewed at once. Run the mouse over a picture to show these other controls:

  • top left – pin file
  • top right – remove file from selection
  • bottom left – rate picture, temporarily rotate right/left, delete picture
  • bottom right – colored labels

By default, zoom-level changes are synchronized among all previews shown; to turn this behavior off, use the corresponding button on the toolbar. Hold down Shift while rotating the mouse wheel to zoom in or out of an individual photo when in Multi-preview Mode.

Pinning a Picture

Pinning pictures is useful e.g. when you are selecting the best photo out of a series you’ve shot. When a picture is pinned, it is shown in the left preview, and the next picture is selected. Then use the keyboard to switch to other pictures and compare them with the pinned picture.

When another picture is pinned afterwards, it is shown on the left in place of the original pinned picture. Click the pinning icon at the top left again to unpin the picture.

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