Backups of Originals

The first time a photograph is changed (e.g. resized, rotated, or even rated), Zoner Photo Studio automatically creates a backup of the original version of the photo. This way, if a photo is inadvertently changed and degraded, it is possible to go back to the original version. In Zoner Photo Studio, this is called a backup of the original.

Backups of originals are not visible in the Browser as files. Where a backup exists for the original version of a photograph, an blue-arrow icon is shown on its thumbnail. Double-click this icon to restore it to its original version. Right-click this icon to call up a menu; use this menu to restore from the backup or delete the backup. To work with the backup of a picture's original from the main menu, use the items under Organize | Backup of Original…. Use this menu both to access the above-mentioned functions, and to back up a picture manually. Use this when for example you plan to edit a photo outside Zoner Photo Studio, and therefore it will not automatically be backed up as you edit it.

Backups of originals are stored in the Backups folder. Use the program preferences to see the size of this folder, delete its contents, and change its location. For best performance, the backup should be in a location that has plenty of space, and that the computer can access quickly (ideally on the same disk where your photo collection is located). You can also turn off automatic backups completely.