Aligning Pictures

Use this pictures to align several pictures of the same object taken without a tripod. After selecting source pictures in the Browser, use Create (The Manager Module) | Join Multi-exposures | Align Pictures… to start the wizard. To fix any mistakes you might have in your selection, use the wizard’s first step. In the next step, the program tries to find points shared between the different pictures, and to use these to align the pictures. The pictures are always aligned to the first one in the series. The left part of the window contains a list of the pictures in the series. Click a picture other than the first one in order to select the picture and to check its alignment in the preview pane on the right. Use the buttons under the preview to toggle the display in the preview pane between the aligned picture, the first picture, and the one overlaid above the other.

If no shared points could be found for a given picture or it is badly aligned, edit the shared points manually using Edit Shared Points. During shared point editing, the right part of the window shows the two pictures and their shared points aside each other. Click a spot in either picture to add a shared point. The program automatically adds its equivalent to the other picture. Click and drag a point to move it. To delete a point, press [Delete] or click Delete Selected Point; click Delete All Points to remove all shared points. To help check alignment during editing, use the buttons on the right to see how the program has overlapped the pictures. Click Save Added Points to exit editing and align the picture based on the newly added shared points. Click Cancel Shared Point Editing to restore the state before you started editing.

Use Crop to crop away edge areas where the source shots have not perfectly overlapped.

Use the last step of the wizard to save the final picture, add a useful suffix to the names of the individual files, and choose a folder and format for saving the files.