Acquire from Scanner

Use this function to acquire pictures from scanners via the TWAIN and WIA interfaces. To access this function, use Acquire | Acquire from Scanner… in the Manager, or File | Scan… in the Editor. (Note that when scanning from the Editor, the scan is always then opened directly in the Editor.)

Use the control at the top of the window to select an image source: TWAIN or WIA. For TWAIN, there is also a Native mode option. Use it to switch your scanner to a mode where it is in control of the whole scanning process. In this mode, the scanner composes the final scan and hands it over to the program when it is done. If you are not using this option, then communication with the scanner takes place in advanced mode instead. In advanced mode, the program communicates with the scanner during the whole process and assembles the final picture itself. This method saves memory (no temporary image is needed) and usually speeds up scanning. Advanced mode is at its most useful when you are working with large pictures and/or professional scanners. Normally you really only need to know about the two modes because of their use in troubleshooting: often scanning problems disappear if you simply switch modes here.

When not scanning from the Editor, use the bottom of the window to set what is done with scan output. The options are Open picture in Editor, Save picture to disk and Save Pictures to PDF. When you are saving directly to disk, Target folder sets where scanned pictures are saved. To set how the program names these picture files, use the File name control, where you can take advantage of the program's Variable Text feature and modify filenames with a counter. Click Format to set scans' file format. During scanning to PDF, the settings for the name of the output PDF are the same as above. Click PDF Options to display a window for adjusting the settings of the output PDF. During scanning to PDF, a window appears to show how many pictures have been brought in. Use the buttons in this window at any time to finish the PDF file or cancel scanning. Each picture scanned into the PDF is stored on its own page, and it has the dimensions that were set for it by the TWAIN or WIA interface.

In some cases Scan Images can be used to acquire pictures directly from a camera. However, this approach has downsides.

The scanning interface hands the program only the picture itself. EXIF and similar picture information is lost.
Also, when the picture is then saved in JPEG format, quality-harming lossy compression is unnecessarily applied to it an extra time.

If the camera contains pictures in JPEG format, then the TWAIN acquisition process "unpacks" those JPEGs and delivers only the pictures inside to Zoner Photo Studio. If Zoner Photo Studio saves the pictures to JPEG with different settings than the camera used (and it is almost certain that it will), then the final file will unnecessarily either grow (without gaining any new useful information) or shrink (and lose detail in the process). For these reasons, we recommend that you use the Import function instead wherever possible.