Upload to Zonerama

Zoner Photo Studio provides easy access to web albums hosted on Zonerama. You can easily and quickly manage web albums straight from inside the program.

You must log in using a Zoner Account before using Zonerama for the first time. To do so, click the words Not logged in near the top right corner of the program, beneath the “Import,” “Manager,” etc. buttons.

Use Publish | Upload to Zonerama to make the Manager display two Browsers, with one showing your current folder on disk, and one showing your Zonerama albums. Switching to the Zonerama Browser switches you to the Zonerama section of the Navigator as well.

To create a new album, use Organize | New Album. New albums are set as hidden, that is, they are not displayed among the public galleries on Zonerama. To unhide an album, right-click it and use Set Privacy.

Drag and drop photos to copy them from your computer into an album, from an album onto your computer, or among albums. You can also drag a folder from your computer onto Zonerama. This automatically creates a new album. During each upload, Zoner lets you Choose upload quality. At the quality level called “Highest,” the picture is uploaded at its original resolution.

You can rename, delete, or change information for pictures on Zonerama in the usual ways. To use a picture as an album cover, right-click it and choose Set as Album Cover in the menu.

Warning: Deleting photos in the Cloud album deletes them on all your devices’ Cloud folders.

To view photos at full size, open them in the Viewer or Slideshow.

You can also edit any Zonerama photo directly from inside Zoner Photo Studio. To do this, open the photo in the Editor, edit it, and save it using File | Save [Ctrl+S].

The bottom part of the Zonerama Browser shows a status bar with information on the current album and a link named Show on Web. Click it to open the current album in a web browser.

More Information

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