Retouching Tools [J]

This tool offers three different modes for retouching away photo defects: the Healing Brush Ikona., the Clone Stamp Ikona. , and Structure Cloning Ikona.Clone Stamp transfers everything at the source region to the target region, while the Structure Cloning and Healing Brush modes only transfer the source’s structure – although the Healing Brush also unifies the background at the target. To set the source region, hold down the [Ctrl] key and click. To let the program choose a source region automatically, use the Seek source region automatically option. With normal settings, each left-click starts a new brush stroke Ikona.; to change this, switch into Add Brush Stroke Ikona. or Remove Brush Stroke Ikona. mode. To turn these modes on temporarily, use [Shift] or [Alt]. The brush parameters can be forced to be the same in both modes, or allowed to be different – to change this, use Shared Brush Settings Ikona..

After choosing a mask, use the slider here to set its intensity in the range from 0 to 100 percent.