Retouching Tools [J]

The Retouching Tools are three tools that can be used for retouching away image defects. They include these functions:

  • Healing Brush
  • Clone Stamp
  • Structure Cloning

Healing Brush
Use this to transfer the structure surrounding a source point to a target point. At the target point, the colors of the background will be harmonized to make the effect look natural. This tool is useful for example when retouching away skin defects.

Clone Stamp
This transfers the color and structure surrounding a source point to a target point. This tool is useful for example when removing electrical wires from a picture.

Structure Cloning
This transfers the structure surrounding a source point to a target point, but it does not harmonize the background colors.

For all three functions, you can either set the source region manually or leave it up to the program to set it automatically using its algorithm.  If the Seek Source Region Automatically option is active, you do not need to look for a source region manually; the program will find it automatically. That means you just need to click in the parts of the picture where you want to make changes.
If this option is inactive, the source region must be set manually—by holding down Ctrl and clicking in the picture to set the spot from which the program will take the source point. Then let go of Ctrl and click to set the region to which the information will be transferred from the source. You can also activate manual mode temporarily even when automatic mode is on. To do this, hold down Ctrl.

After a tool has been used, two rings (“tool handles”) connected by a line are displayed in the picture. One handle represents the source region, while the other represents the target region. The source region can be moved to a different place; to do this, click and drag it with the mouse. This lets you change the source region after you have started working with a tool. The target region cannot be moved.

Each individual click or drag is represented by a separate handle. Every tool handle can be clicked at any time and deleted by pressing Delete or right-clicking.

The Mask Display function [] has options for setting under what conditions tool handles will be displayed:

  • Show tool handles always
  • Show tool handles on hover

With normal settings, each left-click starts a new brush stroke Ikona.; to change this, switch into Add Brush Stroke Ikona. or Remove Brush Stroke Ikona. mode. To turn these modes on temporarily, use [Shift] or [Alt]. The brush parameters can be forced to be the same in both modes, or allowed to be different – to change this, use Shared Brush Settings Ikona..

After choosing a mask, use the slider here to set its intensity in the range from 0 to 100 percent.