Generate Lists

Use Information | Manage Information | Generate Lists in the Browser menu to create a text file with a list of files and information about them, in a form of your choice. After choosing files, you select an output type and prepare variable text.

Use the Folder names control to set whether and how folder names will be included in the output. If the output includes both files and folders, then folder names will be preceded by three asterisks. Unlike filenames, you cannot affect the processing of folder names using variable text.

When you turn on Generate HTML table, the function will generate a Web page, with your data placed in a simple table, suitable for import into other programs and for processing. Wherever you include the code {TAB} among your text, this will add a new column.

Use the Save to file option to have the list be saved to a file of your choice instead of just to a temporary folder. The filename can include either an ordinary absolute path or a relative path like “..list.txt”).

If Save to file is turned off, then after you close the window, the list is saved to a temporary folder and is opened in your computer’s associated viewer for text files or web pages. By default, these will be Notepad and Internet Explorer respectively.