Non-destructive editing in Zoner Photo Studio works transparently, that is, it is applied intuitively in all parts of the program. However, in order to use a non-destructively edited picture in other software, it must be exported. To export a picture, click Export in the Side Panel. This button is available in the Manager and in Develop. In Develop, it normally affects the picture currently being edited. However, if multiple pictures are selected in the Filmstrip, the Export button affects all selected pictures.

The Export window lets you pick a target folder for the files being exported, as well as their format, quality, and color space, and lets you resize them and choose what metadata the exported file will contain. These settings can be modified as needed, or quickly picked using a list of common settings. These quick settings can also be picked directly, using the small arrow button next to Export.

The export itself is done in the background while you work. To check the status of a long-running export job, visit Notifications – see the bell icon at the top right of the program. Notifications also shows any warning or error messages that may appear.