Zoner Photo Cloud

This is a new online personal storage service for photographs. Every user of Zoner Photo Studio X receives 20 GB for free, and more room for your data can be ordered using the shopping cart icon (50 GB for $4.99/month, 200 GB for $9.99/month, 500 GB for $14.99/month, 1 TB for $19.99/month).

Zoner Photo Cloud provides a way for Zoner Photo Studio X users to easily share folders with each other. Shared folders let other users add content to a folder or change that folder’s contents. To show a folder’s sharing settings, where you can add a new user to the folder and set the folder’s size, click the sharing icon Ikona.  next to the name of the main folder.

Folder sharing settings – use the Folder userssection to add another user. Then enter their email address and click Add. Click the icon Ikona. to remove a user you’ve added. To set the shared folder’s size, use the slider at the bottom of the window.

A shared folder’s minimum size depends on the overall size of the shared folders. Its maximum size depends on the overall space available in the user’s cloud, or on the maximum size set by the user (in the case of already shared folders).


Every Zoner Photo Cloud user needs an active Zoner Account and must be using the latest version of Zoner Photo Studio X. If a Zoner Photo Cloud folder is shared with a user who does not have an active Zoner Account, that user will not have access to shared data on Zoner Photo Cloud.

Shared Data

  • All stored and shared data is the responsibility of the user who stored that data on Zoner Photo Cloud, and that user also bears responsibility for any damages caused by it;
  • All users of a shared folder have the same access to files. Any user with which you share a folder has full access to that folder and can work with its files.
  • When a file is deleted from a shared folder, it is sent to the Zoner Photo Cloud trash folder of the folder’s owner, no matter whether the file was deleted by the folder’s owner or by a user of the folder.
  • Shared folders are counted into Zoner Photo Cloud’s overall capacity only for the user who is sharing that folder—not for users with whom the folder is shared.
    A user with whom a folder is shared can upload further data to that folder. That data is counted into the overall capacity available to the folder’s owner on Zoner Photo Cloud, and also into the capacity of the shared folder.

Deleted files are available in the trash to each user for 30 days after deletion.

To add Zoner Photo Cloud to the Catalog, go to Preferences | Catalog and click Add Photo Cloud. Once this has been done, you can work with its files the same as you would work with cataloged files on your disk.

Photos stored on the cloud can be edited in Develop. However, they cannot be exported from there to a bitmap format (the Export button on the in the right panel is grayed out).

All of this service’s data transfer is encrypted using SSL certificates and secured against eavesdropping. Users can only access the data using Zoner Photo Studio X.

Users with a license tied to a computer instead of an individual must first log in to Zoner Photo Cloud. (Login to Zoner Photo Cloud may, however, be disallowed by the local administrator.)

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