Color Management

Reproduction – use this to choose a reproduction goal, i.e. the conversion method. Choose this method based on how a picture will be used in a particular case. For example a method conserving the right ratio among colors for a landscape photograph or the colors of a logo that contains large areas with a single shade of one color.

Color management during printing—this sets whether and how programs and the printer driver will monitor conversion to the printer profile.

Color management modes during printing:

  • Controlled by printer (sRGB) —it is assumed that color management in the printer is turned on. Pictures are sent to the printer in sRGB only, but the printer profile settings are applied.
  • Controlled by printer (Adobe RGB) —works like the above, except that the program sends the picture to the printer in Adobe RGB.
  • None —the picture is converted to sRGB and sent to the printer without the use of color management. Output control is fully managed by the printer.
  • XPS printing —the picture is sent to the printer as an XPS document. This enables the printing of pictures with a higher color depth. This function is only available for printers with an XPS driver, and color management is fully controlled by the printer.

Even though Zoner Photo Studio can load in CMYK pictures with the use of a color profile, internally, it always works with pictures in RGB. The way in which CMYK pictures are interpreted is not 100% compatible with Adobe Photoshop. For this reason, it is better to transfer pictures in RGB.

Working Color Space – use this to set separate color spaces for the Editor and Develop modules.

  • Also use for older process version – use this option to recalculate color spaces for already-edited photos as well. It is turned off by default.

Device Profiles

  • Monitor—color profile for display
  • Printer—color profile for printing
  • Camera—color profile automatically placed in a picture when using the “Import” function
  • Scanner—color profile automatically placed in pictures when you use the “Acquire from Scanner” function

When No Profile Is Selected…

  • Monitor and Printer—the profile selected within Windows is used
  • Scanner and Camera—no profile is assigned

CMYK Image Profiles

Default input profile is a color profile used for conversion from CMYK to RGB in pictures that contain no color profile. If none is selected, a mode compatible with older programs is used. Output profile is the target color profile for CMYK pictures. If none is selected, a mode compatible with older programs is used.