The Create Module

Use the Create Module to present your photos to the world. Use the first five sections in this module to create source materials for printing—either home printing, or orders for professional printing. Use the last section to create video presentations in the mp4 format. Before using the Create module, we recommend that you browse to the folder with the photos you will be presenting in your creation.

All of the printing sections have similar controls. After you pick a section, the photos from the current folder are automatically added to a print template. You can move photos as needed by clicking and dragging them. You can also remove all photos by clicking the button above your choice of template, add pictures manually with the mouse by dragging and dropping them from the Filmstrip, or add photos from other folders.

Multi-page printing modes (canvas prints, calendars, and print jobs) have two display modes – Pages and Preview. To switch among these modes, use the Pages and Preview buttons in the top toolbar alongside the zoom slider and the 1⁠ ⁠: ⁠1 and Zoom to Fit buttons.

In Preview mode you can use the mouse to change the position, size, and rotation of the photos you’ve placed. Clicking a particular photo displays eight handles around it. Use them to change the photo’s size and rotation. Click and drag the photo itself to pan the part of the photo (the crop of the photo) that gets used. Use the buttons at the top left corner to rotate a picture by 90 degrees, automatically place photos, and confirm picture placement. When using Preview mode in the Collage and Canvas Print sections, you can click and drag to reposition the dividers between pictures. You can also switch among pictures using the controls at the bottom edge of the area with the print template.

Under the Side Panel, under the symbol for the section you’re in, there is a drop-down list. Use this list to choose your paper format for printing. Beneath this are these buttons:

  • Save saves the project under a name of your choice for later re-use. Saved projects can later be re-loaded or deleted on the base page of the Create module.
  • Print outputs your creation on your printer at home.
  • Export to PDF exports your creation to PDF. In the PDF export dialog you can add various text information to the PDF, set the JPEG quality level for the photos it contains, and have them subsampled to a selected quality level. For future full-quality printing we recommend a resolution of 300 DPI.
  • Export saves each page as a separate bitmap image. Use the settings for this function to set the target folder and to define the output filenames and the counter used for them. The pictures’ size can be set either via DPI or directly as specific physical dimensions.
  • Order starts the process of ordering a professionally-printed product based on your template. Your printing data is sent off to a company that manufactures such products. During the process you will need to fill out a shipping and invoicing address and make your payment in a browser window. After the product is readied, it is sent off to your choice of delivery address. To complete the order successfully, you must be connected to the Internet.

Warnings Before Production of Physical Products
Certain printing functions have specific restrictions caused by their future physical production that can cause certain parts of a photo to be partially hidden. The calendars, for example, are ring-bound at the top. For photo books, there’s the spine region, which will affect any photo printed as a two-page spread. Canvas prints have similar areas at the edges; these are folded back over the frame in the final product. We recommend that you don’t put any important parts of a picture in these areas!

Photo Books

Use this mode of the Create module to create professional-quality books with glossy covers containing pictures and text of your choice.

Three basic photo book formats are available:

  • A4 (8.27" × 11.7") landscape
  • A4 (8.27" × 11.7") portrait
  • square 20 × 20 cm (8" × 8")

After selecting one of the pre-made templates, adjust the paper settings if needed. The photobook you order must contain no less than 24 pages and no more than 100. The first and last pages have no facing pages. There are settings for the Paper background, such as its color, the frame width, and the grid width. You can also change the settings for the inner frame. All changes are immediately reflected in the preview of your printed product.


Four calendar formats are available:

  • A4 (8.27" × 11.7") one-month
  • A4 (8.27" × 11.7") two-month
  • A3 (11.7" × 16.5") one-month
  • A3 (11.7" × 16.5") two-month
  • Custom…

Use the Custom format to set dimensions to match the paper in your own printer attached to your computer, either based on a list or manually.

Use the Content settings to select the calendar’s Year and Starting month, the Language (which sets the names of the months and days), and the First day of the week. Adjust the calendar’s look using the settings for Font, Text color, and Background color, the Background transparency, and whether or not to add a Title page. Next are settings for showing day names and setting their Text color and forcing them intoUppercase. Special day settings control how holidays are displayed. Use them to set holidays’ Text color and whether or not they should be displayed in Bold text.

Canvas Prints

These are pictures printed on canvas and stretched out on a wooden frame just under 2 cm (3/4 inch) thick.

Six formats are available for canvas prints:

  • 40 × 30 cm (16" × 12") – landscape
  • 40 × 30 cm (16" × 12") – portrait
  • 60 × 40 cm (24" × 16") – landscape
  • 60 × 40 cm (24" × 16") – portrait
  • 90 × 30 cm (36" × 12") – landscape
  • 90 × 30 cm (36" × 12") – portrait

Use the Templates section to set the number of photos in the final canvas print. Click and drag the dividing lines to move them. Use the Style section to set the overall look of the final product. In the first of the styles shown, the picture continues out past the front of the canvas onto its four edges. The other styles apply various frames around the front side instead.

This is followed by paper settings, similarly as for the other products above.


Use this product to easily create a collage of photos fitting a predetermined format:

  • A4 (8.27" × 11.7") landscape
  • A4 (8.27" × 11.7") portrait
  • 30 × 30 cm (12" × 12")
  • 4 : 3
  • Full HD
  • Facebook – cover photo
  • Google+ – cover photo
  • Twitter – cover photo
  • Custom…

The choice of settings here is similar as for the other products above.

Print Photos

Use this section of the Create module to order photo printing or to print photos on your printer. The following sizes are available:

  • 10 × 15 cm (4" × 6")
  • 13 × 18 cm (5" × 7")
  • 15 × 20 cm (6" × 8")
  • 15 × 23 cm (6" × 9")
  • 15 × 30 cm (6" × 12")
  • 20 × 30 cm (8" × 12")
  • 23 × 30 cm (9" × 12")
  • 30 × 30 cm (12" × 12")
  • 30 × 40 cm (12" × 16")
  • 30 × 45 cm (12" × 18")
  • 30 × 61 cm (12" × 24")
  • Custom…

Use the settings here to set the Print Layout, the Image Placement method, and the pictures’ Image Rotation. There are also settings for the Grid Width, for printing Crop Marks to make it easy to cut photos out with scissors, and to tell the program the Paper Color.

Contact Sheets

Use the Contact Sheets printing type to print out sheets with rows and columns of pictures. Use the settings here to set how many rows and columns, and to set the size of the spaces between pictures. There are also settings to add a header and footer for the sheets if needed, to add captions above/below pictures, and to set the paper color for individual pictures. Click Save Project towards the top of the Side Panel to save contact sheets for later use.

The headers, footers, and captions can utilize the program’s feature called variable text. Use variable text to fill captions, etc. with metadata (picture-information) text stored inside of pictures. To edit text, click Preview at the top middle to switch into Preview mode, and then click a text box on the page.