Printing a Single Picture

To print a single picture from the Editor, use File | Print… [Ctrl+P]. For printing of multiple pictures, please use the Print Module.

In the printing window, you can set the size and position of the picture and add a caption.

After choosing a printer, you can click Properties… to set a paper size and color (this is very important when printing to special photo paper). Zoner Photo Studio can also read in page size and margins on its own. If you turn on Print to file, the program will save the printout as a data file use by the selected printer instead of actually printing. Number of copies is automatically preset based on your settings in the printer properties, but you can also set it within the main preprint window. The Automatically change paper orientation to match image option changes the paper orientation (landscape vs. portrait) to match the orientation of the picture you are printing.

There are buttons beneath the print preview for changing the picture’s size and position.

The Fit to page and if required option centers the picture on the page and handles how it should be fit on the page, using the fitting method that you select. The Add borders option adjusts the picture so that it fits on the page in full. The second option, Crop, makes the picture completely fill up the page’s printable area and crops out any part of the picture that spills off the page. Such edge areas are marked in red in the preview.

The By image DPI option places the picture on the page at the size needed to achieve the DPI level you set.

The Custom option enables you to set a fixed Width or Height for the picture. You can set just one dimension—the program will automatically, proportionally calculate the other dimension.

You can use the buttons beneath the picture to anchor the picture to an edge or corner of the page, or to its middle. You can also instead use the fixed position menu. Use the Custom option to set a position of your choice for the Left and Top corner of the picture.

You can choose which Units to define the custom position in—millimeters or inches.

You can also optionally add a Caption to the picture. You can Place the caption below or above the picture, and Align it to either the edges or the center of the picture.
You can either write the caption manually or make use of picture information via the program’s metadata tokens feature. Click Font… to select a font and size for the text.