Use ratings to store information on photographs' quality. Picture ratings are shown as stars on photos' thumbnails in the Browser and the Filmstrip. Naturally, ratings are purely subjective, but they will help you find your best pictures later.

Ratings run from 1 to 5. To rate a photo, use:

  • keyboard shortcuts: [1] through [5] in the Manager, Viewer, or Editor. To remove a photo's rating, press [0].
  • the Information pane in the Manager or the Rating and Label toolbar in the Viewer and Editor.
  • the rating buttons in the Descriptions Pane.
  • the Information | Image Information [Shift+Enter] window – use the tab named Description.

Ratings, once added, are useful in various parts of Zoner, e.g.:

  • Quick Search [Ctrl+F]
  • Filter and Search windows – use the tab named Notes
  • Organize | Selection | Advanced Selection