Use ratings to store information on photographs’ quality. This information is stored in a photo’s metadata. Its purpose is to help you sort and manage your photos more easily. By default, the program lets you add ratings using the Ikona. Ikona.Ikona.Ikona.Ikona.Ikona. buttons, available in several places:

  • in the Description section of the information panel on the right in the Manager,
  • in the bottom right of files’ thumbnails in the Browser mode of the Manager and Develop,
  • in the bottom right part of the thumbnails for files in the Filmstrip,
  • in the bottom right part under the file in the Preview mode of the Manager, Develop, Print, and Video.

To relocate the rating buttons, use the Information Display Settings window.

You can assign ratings either by clicking their corresponding buttons or by pressing the 1–5 keys above the letter rows on a keyboard. A rating can be removed by pressing 0. The Rejected value does not have a keyboard shortcut by default. These keyboard shortcuts can be used in the Filmstrip, the Manager, Develop, and the Preview mode.

You can delete all files with the Rejected rating at once. To do this, use the Delete Rejected item under Information | Rating in the program’s top menu. This function is applied to the files in the current folder.

You can use ratings to sort and find photos using several functions:

  • Quick Search [Ctrl+F]
  • Filter and Search windows – use the tab named Notes
  • Organize | Selection | Advanced Selection
  • the Display and Sorting window.