Keyboard Shortcuts

Global Shortcuts

Ctrl+Tab, Ctrl+Shift+Tab Changes the active tab
Ctrl+F4 Closes the active tab
F11, F12 Fullscreen (various modes)
Ctrl+M Preferences
F1 Help Topics
F2 Rename
F3 Viewer
F5 Refresh
F6 Show/Hide Navigator
F8 Show/Hide Side Panel
F9 Show/Hide Filmstrip
Shift+Alt+C Copy to Folder
Shift+Alt+M Move to Folder
1−5 Rate picture
0 Remove rating
Shift+1−9 Label picture
Shift+0 Remove label

Basic image edits (Manager and Editor)

Ctrl+L Rotate Left
Ctrl+R Rotate Right
Ctrl+Shift+R Specific Rotation
Ctrl+Shift+W Specific Crop
Ctrl+E Resize
Ctrl+Shift+E Content-aware Resize
Ctrl+W Canvas Size
Ctrl+Shift+T Place Image
Ctrl+T Place Text
Ctrl+Shift+B Canvas and Borders
Ctrl+Q Quick Filter
Shift+Alt+Q Apply last batch filter

Image enhancements (Manager and Editor)

Ctrl+0 Quick Fix
Shift+L Levels
Shift+C Curves
Ctrl+1 Enhance Colors
Ctrl+2 Enhance Color Temperature
Ctrl+3 Enhance Exposure
Ctrl+5 Sharpen
Ctrl+6 Blur
Ctrl+Shift+N Remove Noise
Ctrl+Shift+A Fix Chromatic Aberration
Ctrl+Shift+D Barrel distortion
Ctrl+Shift+V Vignetting
Ctrl+Shift+L Line Spacing
Ctrl+G Grayscale


Backspace Up One Level
Esc Deselect All
Num * Invert Selection
Num / Advanced Selection
Num + Add to Selection
Num − Remove from Selection
Ctrl+Shift+K Search and Replace
Delete Delete file or folder
Shift+Delete Delete file or folder; skip Recycle Bin
Ctrl+Shift+C Copy Picture to Clipboard
Ctrl+C Copy file or folder
Ctrl+X Cut file or folder
Ctrl+V Paste file or folder
Ctrl+A Select All
Ctrl+I Invert Selection
Ctrl+F Quick Search
Ctrl+O Sort Pictures
F7 New folder
Ctrl+Shift+M Send by email
Ctrl+Shift+F Convert File
Shift+Enter Image Information
Alt+Enter File properties
Ctrl+K Batch Assign Information
Ctrl+Shift+Q Batch Rename
Ctrl+J Compare Images
Ctrl+Q Batch filter – settings
Shift+Q Apply last batch filter
Tab Switch focus between the Browser and the Navigator
Shift+Tab Switch focus between Browser panes, if two Browser panes are displayed


Ctrl+N New Image
Ctrl+Del Delete file
Ctrl+Shift+Del Delete file or folder; skip Recycle Bin
Del Delete selected area from the picture
Ctrl+O Open file
Ctrl+S Save file
Ctrl+Shift+S Save as
Q Quick Edits
F Quick Filters
A Home
V Move and Transform
C Crop and Rotate
K Straighten Lines
M Rectangular Selection
O Elliptical Selection
L Lasso
N Polygonal Lasso
A Magnetic Lasso
W Magic Wand
Shift+Q Selection Brush
Shift+G Gradient Filter
R Red Eye Reduction
S Clone Stamp
U Iron
E Effect Brush
J Healing Brush
I Dodge
Shift+I Burn
B Paintbrush
G Fill
Shift+B Gradient
Y Eraser
T Place Text
Shift+T Insert Symbol
Shift+S Place Shape
D Place Line
Shift+F Tilt-shift Effect
Shift+R Lens Flare
X Morphing Mesh
Shift+X Deform
Ctrl+A Select All
Ctrl+Shift+I Invert Selection
Esc Cancel selection (if any)
Ctrl+C Copy image
Ctrl+Ins Copy image
Ctrl+V Place Image
Shift+Ins Place Image
Shift+Enter Image Information
Arrow keys Move selection or cropping frame
Spacebar Temporarily switch to panning mode (where you can click and drag to shift the view)
Num + Zoom in
Num − Zoom out
Num 0 Zoom to Fit
Num * Normal Size (1:1)
Num / Zoom Lock
Home First File
End Last File
Page Up Previous file
Page Down Next File
Shift+P Pre-print color preview (if color management is active and a printer profile has been set)
Shift+O Show blowout (overexposure)
Ctrl+Shift+H Advanced Histogram
Ctrl+Z Back
Ctrl+Y, Ctrl+Shift+Z Redo
Ctrl+P Print

The other shortcut keys for individual Editor tools are listed by the descriptions of the tools, e.g. for Crop and Rotate.

Editor – mouse wheel

  • rolling over an image – zoom the picture in/out, or switch to the next/previous picture
  • rolling over a scrollbar – scrolling (when the whole picture does not fit on the screen)
  • rolling with Shift – changes the radius for brush-type tools
  • rolling with Ctrl – zoom in/out
  • holding down while moving the mouse – pan (scroll) image


Ctrl+Shift+X Export
Del Delete file
Ctrl+Z Back
Ctrl+Y Redo
Ctrl+L Rotate Left
Ctrl+R Rotate Right
A Quick Fix
C Crop and Rotate
K Straighten Lines
G Gradient Filter
R Radial Filter
B Filter Brush
J Healing Brush
Ctrl+C Copy Settings to Clipboard
Ctrl+V Paste Presets from Clipboard
Ctrl+S Save Settings