Use Annotations to mark up a photo with text, arrows, paths, cross-hatched areas, rectangles, or ellipses. Every annotation you add can be edited and given its own individual settings.

  • Text – this feature’s basic settings are the same as those offered for text in the Editor. Use the Outline controls to set the color, width, and style of an annotation’s outline.
  • Arrow, Path – for these, you can set the line width and style or edit the appearance of its starting and ending points. Several starting and ending point types are available. Use Hatching to set the density, color, and overall look for a hatched fill.
  • Polygon, Rectangle, Ellipse – use the settings for these three annotation types to set their fill color and outline style and potentially give them a hatched fill, just as with the other types.

Use the Grid Density setting to set the precision (low, medium, or high) for snapping to individual objects.

The Highlighter, Anonymize, and Annotations tools are only available if you turn on the Show tools for work with documents in Develop option in Preferences | Other.

More Information

Annotations: Mark It, Describe It, Show the Way. Try out This New ZPS X Feature.