This function offers several methods for blurring photographs, both to enhance them photographically and for artistic purposes.

To reach this window, use Edit | Adjust | Blur… [Ctrl+6] in the Browser, or Adjust | Blur… in the Editor.

The filter offers six types of blurring: Fine, Gaussian, Overall, Directional, Rotational, and Zoom. The first type is good for creating weak blurring. For a stronger effect, use Gaussian or Overall. The other blurring types have some extra settings. For Directional blurring, you can set the Direction. For Rotational and Zoom blurring, you can set the X and Y Center of the blurring. (You can also select the center directly from the picture, using an eyedropper.) The first slider, Strength, is shared by all blurring types. The High quality option increases the precision of calculations at the price of increased time for calculating the blurring.