Find Duplicate Files

Use this function to find photo files that contain identical data, and thus are needlessly taking up space on disk. Set the search location and then press Search. Finding and comparing files requires intensive disk access, so use this function when the computer is not doing other tasks.

When this process completes, Zoner shows a listing, with duplicate files grouped together into sets, distinguished by color. To mark a file, click the checkbox by its name, or use one of the alternative ways described below. Right-click any listed file to show a context menu. This menu has items to show picture files’ Properties and Image Information. This menu also contains items to Mark All Duplicates in This Folder or in the folder and its subfolders. Use these to quickly mark all unneeded picture files in a folder. Use the buttons here to move all marked files to the Recycle Bin or a folder of your choice.

To prevent data loss, the program does not let you mark all duplicates in a set – at least one must stay unmarked.

More Information

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