To use plug-ins compatible with Adobe Photoshop (8bf plug-ins) within Zoner Photo Studio, use the Editor’s Plug-ins menu. Plug-ins are external picture processing “filters”—functions—that you can use on the current picture.

Zoner Photo Studio does not include these plug-ins, but both free and commercial plug-ins are available on the Web. To find free plug-ins on the Web, do a Web search for e.g. “free 8bf.”
The Nik Collection one of the best-known collections of plugins that are supported in Zoner Photo Studio. Only its 32-bit plugins are supported. The 32-bit versions are among the free, non-commercial Nik plugins. The new paid version, Nik Collection DxO, comes in a 64-bit version only. 64-bit plugins are not supported in Zoner Photo Studio X.

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