Information (EXIF, IPTC, XMP)

Most digital cameras can save supplementary information into JPEG-format pictures, including things like shutter speed, exposure time, whether or not a flash was used, focal length, etc. This information is stored under a standard named EXIF (EXchangeable Image Format). Twenty pieces of camera-settings information are stored on average. Meanwhile, EXIF can also store text descriptions, keywords, ratings, GPS data, and more.

EXIF is not the only standard for storing picture information. There are two others: IPTC and XMP. The IPTC standard was created mainly for authorial descriptions of pictures and communication between photographers and publishers. Adobe’s XMP is the most open and modern of the three standards, and can include custom information.


The more technical name for what we call “picture information” is metadata. “Metadata” means “information about information” – in this case, about the set of information that makes up the picture itself. Most metadata for photos is text metadata, telling about where, when, how, etc. the photo was created, and perhaps also how it should be used. You can take advantage of metadata to organize your picture archive so that you can later quickly and efficiently find the photos that you are looking for. Besides text information, digital photos can also contain audio notes, color profiles, previews, and other binary data.

In Zoner Photo Studio As mentioned above, avoids the term “metadata” in favor of the phrase “picture information.” Picture information can be managed from the Information menu in the Browser, or the File menu in the Editor. The Image Information window is a quick and easy way to add textual picture information.

Zoner Photo Studio supports all three picture information standards: EXIF including its latest version, 2.3 (EXIF Print), and XMP.

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