Sort Pictures

This is a wizard for sorting photos on a disk or in a folder into an new, organized folder structure in a few easy steps.

Use Organize | Sort Pictures [Ctrl+O] in the Manager to reach this function.

The first step includes a drop-down menu where you can choose a disk containing files to organize. You can also instead choose a particular folder, using the Browse…

You can also choose a picture sorting method. There are three standard options here representing common ways of organizing pictures into folders by their picture-taken dates. These differ in the number of different levels of folders are created. The Custom option enables you to set your own choice of how many levels and what to base them on (e.g. pictures’ times and date, shutter speeds, authors, focal lengths, etc.), with the help of the program’s variable text feature. Clicking the arrow button here takes you to a window that largely automates the process of work with this feature. To indicate a subfolder, use the “” (backslash) character.
At the bottom of the window for this step, you set the folder to which the sorted pictures should be copied. To continue to the next step, click Next.

In the second step of the wizard, you can choose whether, besides sorting bitmap images (photos and graphics), you would like to also find and sort vector-graphics files (files from Zoner Draw and saved print jobs from the Print and Export wizard), videos, and sounds. You can use the Only sort files larger than option to filter out very small pictures (like miniatures and banners). To continue to the next step, click Next.

In the third step, you can see the picture folders that were found and are marked for sorting. Here you can deselect folders that you would like for the program to not sort. Click Finish to finish the wizard and start the actual sorting of the selected folders. If you are not ready to do this yet, click Previous.

This function is useful when you want to reorganize an existing photo archive (set of photos) or create a new one. You can add further pictures to an archive in a variety of ways, e.g. using the Import function, which also provides for some basic sorting of pictures into folders.