Filter Windows

Here you can find settings that affect how "filter windows" behave. These are the windows where you apply edits, effects, and enhancements.

The Offer highest color depth by default when saving in Editor option tells the program to offer you the highest possible color depth when you save your pictures, even if you used a lower one the last time you saved.

Apply filters in Browser to all pages in multi-page TIFFs : files in the TIFF format can contain multiple pages, one image on each page. With this option on, any editing windows you use in the Browser will affect all pages of such files, not just the first.

The Save "last used" presets when you exit the filter window option makes the program record your settings in filter windows to the preset named "Last used" even if you did not apply those settings.

The next two items affect batch renaming. The first tells the program whether or not to Reset (the) batch renaming counter each time you enter a filter window. The second, Reset batch renaming counter when the name template is changed, resets the counter when you change the rest of the name, or the variable text used to generate the rest of the name.

With Display full path in filter window active, filter windows will always show the path to the file you are currently editing.

The last two options once again relate to batch renaming. Warning: The Allow filename collisions during batch renaming option is dangerous. However, it can also be useful. With this option on, if batch renaming produces a filename that matches an existing filename in the target folder, the file with the old filename will be overwritten. The picture will be destroyed. When you turn on Allow batch renaming for all file types, the batch renaming window will not be limited to renaming just pictures.