Canvas Prints

These are pictures printed on canvas and stretched out on a wooden frame just under 2 cm (3/4 inch) thick.

A total of seven canvas print formats can be chosen; they are available in portrait and landscape layouts:

  • 20 × 20 cm (8″ × 8″)
  • 20 × 15  cm (8″ × 6″)
  • 30 x 20 cm  (12″ x 8″)
  • 40 × 30 cm (16″ × 12″)
  • 60 × 40 cm (24″ × 16″)
  • 90 × 30 cm (36″ × 12″)
  • 90 × 60 cm (36″ × 24″)

Project Template – use this section to set the background colors and the Page Layout.

The Page Layout affects how pictures and text are laid out on the selected page. Page layouts with picture counts page page ranging from 0 to 9 are available. The page layout can be set separately for every page of a canvas print. If multiple pages are selected at a time, the layout is changed for all of the selected pages.

Break Layout Into Objects – anchored pictures on the selected pages are changed into freestanding pictures that can be moved around freely. The page layout is then changed to the default with the number of anchored photos set at “0.”

Use Photo Placement Mode to adjust the page layout and the alignment of the photos you place.

The Layout style section offers 16 predefined page layout styles. Each of the styles is set up through the defining of inside and outside frames for pictures. For the outside frame, you can set pictures’background coloropacitywidth, and indentation. The inside frame is defined through a background coloropacitywidth, and rounding. A rounding of greater than zero gives pictures rounded corners.

All of the changes are reflected in the chosen print template immediately.