Perspective [K]

This serves primarily for correcting converging lines in a picture. This correction can be applied automatically or manually.

Four modes for automatic straightening are available.

  • Smart – The algorithm automatically identifies lines in the picture and proposes a crop that takes regard to the overall crop.

  • Full – The algorithm identifies the picture’s main lines and proposes a crop, without taking regard to the overall crop.

  • Horizontal – Identifies the main horizontal lines and proposes a crop.

  • Vertical – Identifies the main vertical lines and proposes a crop.

Manual correction

To perform this correction, either use the sliders in the Side Panel or work directly inside the picture, by dragging out guidelines to match the lines in the picture that you want to straighten. A maximum of two vertical and two horizontal lines can be placed. The program automatically straightens the picture as you add lines. However, you can safely reposition the lines afterwards. To remove lines, right-click or press [Delete].

Because total straightening can sometimes look unnatural, you can soften the correction using the Intensity slider.