Map Mode

Use this mode to make the Manager or Develop module show an online map. Use this map to browse pictures by GPS location, or assign locations to them.

When the current folder contains GPS-tagged photos, red tags are shown on the map. Blue tags, meanwhile, are shown for files selected in the Filmstrip below the map. Clicking a tag selects the corresponding photo in the Filmstrip. If a tag represents more than one photograph, then the number of photographs it represents is shown. Double-click a tag of this type to zoom in on the map.

To assign GPS coordinates to photographs easily, drag and drop them from the Filmstrip onto the map. To change coordinates for a photo already on the map, click and drag its tag.

The toolbar above the map offers the following functions:

  • Home View – use this to set, and return to, a desired starting map view
  • Fit the map to all files in the folder – click this for a map display zoomed out just enough to fit all the pictures in the current folder.
  • Fit the map view to all selected files – click this for a map display zoomed out just enough to fit all the currently selected pictures.
  • Track selection – use this to make the program automatically zoom in or out as needed to fit the currently-selected GPS-tagged files into the display.
  • Turn Marker Clustering On/Off – markers that are close to each other will be shown as one shared marker. This marker contains a number indicating how many files are being grouped this way. If all the files in the group are selected, then shared coordinates can be assigned to the whole group via drag-and-drop on the map. The grouping radius depends on the map’s zoom level.
  • Show Selected Files Only – use this to set whether the map only shows markers for files that are selected on the Filmstrip, or shows them for all the files in the folder.

Assigning GPS Coordinates from a Track Log

Zoner Photo Studio can work with track logs in the GPX format. If the track log is in the same folder as the pictures, it is shown on the map automatically. To load a track log from any folder, not just the photo folder, click the Load Track Log from File button at the top of the map. When a track log is shown, log information is displayed – the times for the first and last item in the log. A time shift setting is also shown; use it if the track log was created in a different time zone than the one you are in currently. Pictures with no GPS coordinates assigned that were taken between the start and end times for the track log are marked with gray markers on the map. Click the Assign button to assign GPS coordinates to either all appropriate files, or the currently selected ones.

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