The Catalog

Catalog Folder Behavior

Multiple folders can be added to the Catalog. To add or remove folders, use these buttons: Add Folder and Remove. Use Add Photo Cloud to add your entire Zoner Photo Cloud to the Catalog.

To enable offline browsing of a folder’s photos, use Preload previews for offline use. This makes the program create large previews for the pictures inside it. These are available even when the device with that folder is offline (e.g. a flash stick, USB disk, etc.) Such unavailable files remain listed in the Catalog, and you can view their previews and their file information. Also, for every folder that you add to the Catalog, you can set one of the following options:

  • Perform cataloging only – only the metadata needed for cataloging and searching will be automatically preloaded for files added to this folder. The actual preview loading will not take place until you browse the files. With this option, only a limited amount of information is preloaded and storage demands are reduced, and so it’s useful for extra-large photo archives where you need to search, but you don’t necessarily need to browse photo previews.
  • Preload developed fast previews – for files added to this folder, metadata and photo thumbnails will be preloaded automatically, and for any developed photos inside it, a preview including your edits will be created as well. This enables both quick searches and quick browsing, even for large photo files. Because the previews are only preloaded when absolutely necessary, this setting is optimal for the widest range of uses.
  • Preload Smart RAWs – for files added to this folder, metadata, photo thumbnails, and Smart RAWs will be preloaded automatically. This ensures quick searching and browsing, as well as faithful RAW previews in the Manager and quick loading of them in the Develop module. Because this setting is very demanding in terms of storage space and of the time needed for preloading previews, it is most useful for small archives where you expect to be making edits frequently. To check the progress of smart RAW loading, see the bell icon in Zoner Photo Studio.

Preload developed fast previews is the default setting here.

Cache Maintenance

  •    Automatically cached previews – previews loaded when you view the given pictures and when you use the lightning-bolt icon for folders in the Catalog.
  •    Manually cached previews – previews preloaded based on your settings in the Catalog Folder Behavior section. The default option here is Preserve at Least One Week.
  •    Create Module’s video previews – temporarily created previews for videos in a video track in the Create module. The default option here is Preserve at least three months.

A trash icon for deleting previews immediately.

The Catalog stores thumbnails and information for your pictures. That speeds up the browsing of cataloged pictures. Also, the Browser’s Quick Search box only works with cataloged pictures. By default, the Catalog’ index is stored in your Windows user profile folder. If you need to free up some disk space, change the Catalog location or the Maximum size.

Note that the Catalog merely stores a copy of the information that is already contained inside your picture files. For this reason, Delete Cache does not remove your data – it only removes quick access to previews and metadata.

The language for full-text search in Catalog setting tells the Catalog how to inflect words used in the indexing of text information when you’re adding files to the Catalog. It’s what lets Quick Search know that e.g. it can show you “goose” if you look for “geese,” even though the words don’t look the same.

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