Pan and Zoom

Pan and Zoom is the default tool. When Home is active, the Side Panel shows operations that are relevant for the active layer:

  • For bitmap layers – a list of the filters that can be used on bitmap layers
  • Object layer – settings for the placed object – text, symbol, shape, or line
  • Adjustment Layer – settings for the Adjustment Layer

You can move the mouse over a picture’s preview to zoom in or out. Left-click to switch between the Zoom to Fit zoom level and 1:1 (100%) view. If a magnifying glass is shown instead of the mouse cursor, then clicking and holding the left mouse button will pan the image at 1:1 zoom; when the left mouse button is released, the picture returns to Zoom to Fit mode.

You can also zoom and pan the picture in the following ways:

  • [Space] – temporarily switches into the above-described method for zooming and panning the image.
  • rotating the mouse wheel – zooms the picture in or out
  • clicking the mouse wheel – pans the picture