License User Management

License User Management refers to the options for sharing licenses and assigning them to other Zoner Photo Studio X users, depending on license type.

Family Licenses

Sharing a license with other users – to share a Family License with other members of your family, click the Users button in the Actions for your Zoner Photo Studio X license.

Caution: do not click the Transfer button when trying to share a license. Transfer does not share the license; it changes the license’s owner. Clicking Transfer will leave you without a license; your license will be taken from you and given to the person to whom you are transferring the license.

The first line of the Manage Users of This License window shows the address of the license owner, who is marked here as the Owner.

Enter the address of the new user with which you want to share your Family License in the email field under this line, and then click  Add. The newly added user will receive an email with further instructions, and the address of the newly added user will also be shown in the next line below the license owner. If the note “Unconfirmed” is shown after the email address, this means that the user has received the email with instructions (the confirmation email), but has not yet sent confirmation. The confirmation email contains information about how to download ZPS and a “get your license and add it to your account” link that must be clicked to confirm acceptance of the license and add it to the new user’s Zoner Account.

Transferring a license to another user – to transfer a license to another user, click the Transfer link for your license. An email describing how to pick up the license, completing the transfer, will be sent to the address you provide. The license will also be erased from your account.