Filter Brush [B]

The Filter Brush lets you apply local changes to settings, just like the filters before it do. You use this brush to “paint” where the changes go, using your choice of brush strokes. To erase part of the filter mask, use Remove from Mask mode Ikona. , which you can switch to in the Brush Parameters settings group. You can force the brush parameters to be the same in both modes, or let them be different – to toggle this setting, use Shared Brush Settings Ikona.. The Diameter, Opacity, Density, and Blur settings work similarly as they do for the retouching tools.

After choosing a mask, click the  Ikona. icon to access an option for inverting the mask as well as a slider for setting edits’ intensity (0–100 percent). Changes are made to the current mask. The following can be changed: Basic Edits, Tone Curve, Color Shift, and Color Overlay.