Photo books

Use this mode of the Create module to create professional-quality books with glossy covers containing pictures and text of your choice.

Three basic photo book formats are available:

  • A4 (8.27″ × 11.7″) landscape
  • A4 (8.27″ × 11.7″) portrait
  • square 20 × 20 cm (8″ × 8″)

After selecting one of the pre-made templates, adjust the paper settings if needed. The photobook you order must contain no less than 24 pages and no more than 100. The first and last pages have no facing pages. There are settings for the Paper background, such as its color, the frame width, and the grid width.

Use the Inside frame controls to set that frame’s Width, Rounding, Opacity, and color. Decoration shows decorations on the photo book page

You can also change the settings for the inner frame. All changes are immediately reflected in the preview of your printed product.