To make the program show all warnings, including those for which you have turned on “Do not show again,” click Renew All Warnings.

The For Canon images, show Canon’s exposure values instead of true values item sets whether the program uses the exposure values you set on your Canon camera, or rather the ones that the camera actually used instead. These values often do not fall precisely within the classical exposure values.

Compensate for asymmetric resolution lets the program automatically correct photos that have differing resolution in the horizontal and vertical directions.

The settings group named Display of blowout and overexposure determines how the program displays areas with exposure problems, that is, areas that are so dark or so light that they have lost detail. When Desaturate image is active, the picture will be converted to grayscale in those areas where there are no problems. Use colors in blowout highlighting to indicate problem channels determines whether or not the program uses colors to highlight blowout that occurred in only one or two channels. Show underexposed areas determines whether or not areas with underexposure should be highlighted in addition to those with blowout.

This section also contains settings for File operations in Zoner Photo Studio. Remove “read only” flag when copying files from CD , when active, makes the program remove this flag when copying files from CD (these normally are automatically flagged read-only). Sound signal when finishing long operations determines whether or not a sound will be played at the end of any copying or moving operation that lasts more than 30 seconds. Automatically propose file names makes the program suggest new names for files and folders based on names you have used in the past.

Do not copy contents of symbolic links –  when this option is active, the program only creates copies of symbolic links themselves instead of copying their contents. When it is inactive, the whole structure of folders and files that the link refers to is copied.

Show multi-page document (TIFF, PDF) functions in the Manager – this activates the options for working with TIFF and PDF files in the Manager. For more information, see the chapter on work with multi-page documents.