Canvas and Borders

Use this mode to give a picture a frame made up of up to three rectangles with a color of your choice, in several modes:

Use the Edit | Canvas and Borders [Ctrl+Shift+B]. menu item in both the Browser and the Editor for this.

Choosing a Mode

The Frame mode increases the size of the picture by the size of the frames, and thus always preserves all picture data. The Preserve size mode covers the original picture with the frames on all sides, and thus preserves the original size of the picture. The Preserve ratio option covers the original picture with the frames in such a way as to preserve the original ratio of sides.

Entry Method and Units

When you use the Canvas and borders entry mode, you can add an inner or outer frame neighboring the border you set. The width of these frames may never be larger than that of the border. If you set a larger width, the border will adjust automatically. If you choose Three lines, then you will enter three lines with various widths that will surround the picture.

You can enter their widths directly as pixels, or as relatively, in percent. Entering them in relative terms is very useful when you are doing batch work, not all photos have the same size (e.g. due to cropping), and you want the frames to have a unified look.

When you check the Symmetrical option, you will be working directly with the width for one side only; the other sides will be calculated automatically.