Sharing and Publishing

There are several options available for publishing pictures.

  • Share – a sharing button Ikona. is available in the Side Panel’s toolbar when you are in the Manager, Develop, or the Editor. Use it to instantly share pictures via Facebook, Twitter, an emailed link, or a physical postcard.
  • The Print module – use this module to create physical products and send them off for production: Photo Books, Calendars, and Canvas Prints. This is also the place for creating Collages or Print Jobs. Besides the professional printing options for selected products, all of these products can also be printed out on your home printer or exported to PDFs or bitmaps.
  • Printing a Single Picture is possible in the Editor. To print a single picture, use File | Print…
  • Send by E-Mail – use this function to send photos by email as an attachment. This function offers settings for shrinking the copies of the photos, etc. before sending them.
  • Upload to Zonerama use this function to upload photos to a Zonerama web album directly from inside of the program

More Information

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