Send by E-Mail

Use the Publish | Send by E-Mail… [Ctrl+Shift+M] item to hand selected files in the Browser over to your e-mail program, which will then attach them to a new message. Before control is transferred to your e-mail program, you are given a chance to apply several types of edits to your pictures.

The e-mail program used must be an actual program, and must support the MAPI interface. Web e-mail services do not support this interface, so you cannot send files over a web e-mail service using this function.

You can shrink pictures or convert them to JPEG before sending. Using the Shrink TrueColor images item will shrink pictures with dimensions higher than the values you set down to those values. (TrueColor images are images with a certain maximum color range; normally, photographs will be in TrueColor.) The will be shrunk proportionally so that it fits the maximums for both width and height (and fits at least one of these snugly). Use the Convert TrueColor images to JPEG to change the picture's format to JPEG (if needed) and resave the picture with a compression level of your choice. Pictures stored in GIF and other formats with palette-based colors will ignore this function.

You can also compress your picture files before sending them. When you check ZIP-compress images, all the files will be saved into a single compressed file with the name and compression level that you choose.

Use Size warning if you want Zoner Photo Studio to warn you when the total size of your pictures exceeds an amount of your choice. This warning window gives you a chance to either continue or go back and change settings.

You can also use this window to send pictures To (the) clipboard instead of attaching them to an e-mail. When you click this button, the pictures in question, in altered versions with the compression, etc. you have requested in this window, are saved to a temporary folder, and links to those temporary files are placed in the Windows Clipboard. After this, you can go to any window capable of accepting a pasted file—like a new e-mail window or a folder—and use [Ctrl+V] (or the Paste item in the program's Edit menu) to paste the files into it. Temporary files will be deleted automatically when you exit Zoner Photo Studio; only files that still have a link to in the Clipboard will be retained.

When Convert pictures with a profile to sRGB is active, pictures with a color profile other than sRGB will be converted to this, the most "universal" color space. (If you have no experience with color profiles, the chance that you will need to change this option is low.)

You can choose which e-mail program actually "receives" the pictures. In Windows Vista, go from the Control Panel to Programs, then to Default Programs, then to Set your default programs. In Windows XP, go to Start, then All Programs, then Set Program Access and Defaults.