Use the settings in this section to control how thumbnails are displayed in the Browser and the Filmstrip. Use the settings here to set the Thumbnail Width and Ratio of Sides. To quickly resize thumbnails within the Browser, use the slider on its toolbar or scroll the mouse wheel while holding down [Ctrl]. The maximum thumbnail size is not set here; change it under Catalog.

Zoner can and normally does Load EXIF thumbnails when they are present, instead of generating its own. This speeds up browsing, but if your pictures have outdated EXIF thumbnails, you'll see those, rather than thumbnails based on how they look now. Zoner Photo Studio itself always updates EXIF thumbnails whenever it edits a picture. In pictures whose EXIF thumbnails are missing or outdated, you can tell the program to generate new ones. For this, use Information | Manage Information | Add EXIF Preview…. Note that that function only affects JPEG and TIFF pictures.

Normally, Zoner Photo Studio creates and shows thumbnails for video files when possible. To turn this behavior off, uncheck Generate thumbnails for videos. Show icons for pictures’ Default Programs in their thumbnails controls whether or not an icon for each file’s Default Program is shown at the top right of its thumbnail Display image thumbnails in folder icons makes the program show thumbnails for a folder’s first four pictures within the folder thumbnail. Use the Look for sample pictures this many levels deep option to also find sample pictures in subfolders up to the number of levels you set.

Use the Tool tip setting to set what information is shown in a tool tip bubble when hovering the mouse over a file in the Browser.