Use the settings in this section to adjust integration of Zoner Photo Studio into Microsoft Windows. Some settings here, concerning Zoner’s status as the default program for image files (or “associated” program in Windows XP), vary depending on which version of Windows you are using. Keep in mind that these controls can only set Zoner as the default program for formats; they cannot “un-set” it! To set another program as default for some or all image formats, use the Windows Control Panel.

  • Windows 7 – two buttons are available. Set as default program for all supported file types makes Zoner Photo Studio the default program for every file type it can support. Set as default program for selected file types… displays a windows for setting Zoner Photo Studio as the default program for file types of your choice.
  • Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11 – only one button is available: Set as default program for selected file types….

The next set of controls sets which part of Zoner Photo Studio is shown when you double-click a picture.

Use Integrate Zoner Photo Studio into Windows to set whether or not items for launching Zoner Photo Studio are shown in the right-click menus in Windows for files of supported types. You must have administrator rights to change this setting.