Cloud Storages

In Zoner Photo Studio X, you can access the most commonly used cloud storage services directly from the Navigator in the Manager. To set which individual services are and aren’t shown in the Navigator, use the right-click menu for any of the services. This shows a window for choosing which services to display.

OneDrive – to use OneDrive in ZPS, the OneDrive synchronization client must be installed on your computer, and one or more folders must be set there as being available on your PC. These folders will then also be available for work directly in the Navigator. With default settings, files stored on OneDrive are displayed in Zoner Photo Studio as shortcuts only.  Files, or entire folders, can be downloaded onto your PC by right-clicking them and using the option to always keep them on your device(the icon  Ikona.). Use the option to free up space (the icon  Ikona. Ikona.) to achieve the opposite.

Google Drive – The Backup application and synchronization must be installed, and one or more folders must be select for synchronization, which makes them available directly on the PC. These files and folders can then be worked with directly in Zoner Photo Studio.

Dropbox – the Dropbox application must be installed, and in its settings, one or more folders must be set as synchronized and directly available on the PC.

iCloud – after you install the iCloud application from the Microsoft Store, the iCloud Drive and iCloud Photos folders are displayed in the left navigation panel.