What’s New

Spring 2023 Update (build 440)


Keyframe Editing
You can newly use keyframes on a clip’s timeline to set a gradual change over time for a given setting. This feature’s controls are located in three places:

  1. A new Show Keyframes Ikona. icon appears in the menu on the left.
  2. A “dot” icon appears in the right panel next to every setting for which keyframe editing is available.
  3. In the timeline, under each clip and for every edited setting, a keyframe editor is displayed if the showing of keyframes has been turned on using the icon from point 1.

Right toolbar
The addition of keyframes has brought new elements and a reorganization here.

Before the update, there were Ikona. and Ikona. icons at the top of the right-hand panel; they were used for adding text and transitions to the timeline. All the various tools for editing a selected clip were under these icons in a single column.

Now multiple icons appear at the top of the right panel; which ones appear changes depending on what kind of clip is currently selected:

Ikona. | Ikona. Ikona. no clip has been selected.

Ikona. Ikona. Ikona. | Ikona. Ikona. an image clip has been selected.

Ikona. Ikona. Ikona. Ikona. | Ikona. Ikona. a video clip has been selected.

Ikona. Ikona. Ikona. | Ikona. Ikona. a text clip has been selected.

Ikona. Ikona. | Ikona. Ikona. an audio clip has been selected.

Ikona. | Ikona. Ikona. a transition has been selected.

Ikona. tab Position and Transformation
A new Position and Transformation tab has been added; it contains several new functions: Scale X and Y, Position X and Y, Rotation, Pitch, Yaw, and Anchor Point X and Y. Also added here is a Crop section, which contains new functions for various cropping types: Top, Right, Bottom, Left, and Crop after Transformation. Another section has been added as well: Primary Transformations. It lets you set a Fill Type (Zoom to Fit, Fill, Stretch, or Original Size), and several icons have been moved to here: Ikona. Rotate 180°, Ikona. Flip Horizontally, and Ikona. Flip Vertically.

There’s also an Effects section here—the new home for the Pan&Zoom options.

Icons under Video Previews
There is a new Ikona. Link icon on the left; it becomes active when multiple clips are selected on the timeline. Use it to link the selected clips together. When clips are linked, selecting one of the linked clips also selects the other clips in the group.

There is also a new Ikona. Fast Preview icon on the right; use it to set whether a full quality video preview is shown, or a preloaded fast preview at lower quality is shown instead.

Interactive Thumbnails
If a folder containing videos has been indexed in the ZPS Catalog, the videos in that folder will have interactive thumbnails. Run the mouse over a video’s thumbnail from left to right to see stills (a total of 360 per video) for the different spots in it.

Selecting Transitions
In the past it was not possible to select multiple transitions on a timeline. Now you can do so—by holding down Ctrl and clicking them.


Gradient Filters and Radial Filters
These two functions now each contain a Rotation filter, which can be used to fine-tune the function’s rotation on a specific mask.

Radial Filter
Before the update, clicking somewhere in the picture created a new mask. By pressing Ctrl while clicking, the current mask changed its position. After the update, this behaviour is switched: clicking somewhere in the picture changes the position of the current mask and pressing Ctrl while clicking creates a new mask.

Camera and Lens
Before the update, lens profiles were only accessible after downloading and installing Adobe DNG Converter. A profile database is now built directly into each installation of ZPS X, and therefore for many lenses there is no need to use profiles from Adobe.


Catalog Section
Several options – Picture indexing mode, Video indexing mode, Preload previews for offline use, Download online files from OneDrive, and Automatic Reindexing Mode – are only available after clicking the Settings button in the row for a given cataloged folder.

Thumbnails Section
Two new options are newly available in the Thumbnail Icons section – Pin File and Rotation.

General Section
Before the update, rolling the mouse wheel always changed settings; this could not be turned off. Now this behavior is turned off by default and can be turned on using the Use mouse wheel for changing values in controls option.


Work with Multi-page Files
An option for creating PDFs in a square format has been added.

Renamed Feature
The Image Information [Ctrl+Shift+Enter] feature available under Information has been renamed to File Information.

Browser’s Context Menu
Right-clicking a folder in the Browser shows a context menu—and this menu now has a new option: Include Parent Keywords When Assigning Keywords.

Preview Options
In Preview mode, the Preview Options now include a new option: After changing a rating or label, advance to the next one.


Zonerama’s web interface newly lets you enable your clients, etc. to highlight the photos in an album they are interested in. To turn on this option, open an album, click on Sharing Options and then on the option for client selection.

Using Two Monitors
This feature behaves completely differently since the update. Before the update, the arrangement of windows onto the two monitors could not be changed. Now windows can be moved over freely.

Information Display Settings
In connection with the change to the two-monitors feature, some options have been added to the Configuration section of the Information Display Settings window: Manager – Second Preview for One Picture, Manager – Second Preview for Multiple Pictures, Develop – Second Preview for One Picture, and Develop – Second Preview for Multiple Pictures.

Before the update, the order of the tabs at the top of the program window could not be changed. Now you can click and drag them to rearrange them.


Autumn 2022 Update (build 402)

Native RAW Support
Support was added for the following camera models:

Canon EOS R3
Canon EOS R5
Canon EOS R5 C
Canon EOS R6
Canon EOS R
Canon EOS Rp
Canon EOS M50
Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Canon EOS 5D Mark II (+sRAW1, +sRAW2)
Canon EOS 6D Mark II
Canon EOS 7D Mark II
Canon EOS 80D
Fujifilm X100F
Fujifilm X-E4
Fujifilm X-T2
Fujifilm X-T3
Fujifilm X-T4
Nikon Z9
Nikon Z7
Nikon Z7 II
Nikon Z6
Nikon Z6 II
Nikon Z5
Nikon Z50
Nikon D7500
Nikon D5100
Nikon D5
Nikon D500
Nikon D750
Nikon D780
Nikon 850
Olympus E-M1X
Panasonic Lumix DC-S1
Panasonic Lumix DC-S1R
Panasonic Lumix DC-S1H
Panasonic Lumix DC-S5
Panasonic DMC-GH5 II
Panasonic DMC-GH5S
Panasonic DMC-GH6
Sony A1 (ILCE-1)
Sony Alpha A9 (ILCE-9)
Sony Alpha A9 II (ILCE-9M2)
Sony Alpha A7 (ILCE-7)
Sony Alpha A7 II (ILCE-7M2)
Sony Alpha A7 III (ILCE-7M3)
Sony Alpha a7 IV (ILCE-7M4)
Sony Alpha A7R II (ILCE-7RM2)
Sony Alpha A7R III (ILCE-7RM3)
Sony Alpha A7R IIIA (ILCE-7RM3A)
Sony Alpha a7R IV (ILCE-7RM4)
Sony Alpha a7R IVA (ILCE-7RM4A)
Sony Alpha A7S (ILCE-7S)
Sony Alpha A7S II (ILCE-7SM2)
Sony Alpha A7S III (ILCE-7SM3)
Sony Alpha A7c (ILCE-7CL)
Sony Alpha A6300 (ILCE-6300)
Sony Alpha A6400 (ILCE-6400)
Sony Alpha A6600 (ILCE-6600)

The View | Preferences | RAW Format | RAW-loading mode to use for unadjusted RAW files control now has a new option: Automatic.
Native Support for RAW Formats in ZPS X

Buttons on the Manager module’s top toolbar
Before this update, the top toolbar contained two options: “Browser” and “Preview.” The “Browser” option could be expanded to show the Manager’s other viewing modes (Browser; Map; Compare; Two Browsers Side by Side; and Two Browsers, Stacked). The browsing modes are now expanded next to each other on the top bar: Map, Browser, Preview, and Full View. To the right of these are buttons for the Browser’s display modes: One Browser; Two Browsers, Stacked; Two Browsers Side by Side.
The Compare mode has been removed.
A new Full View mode has been added.
Full View: More Space for Working with Your Photos

Buttons on the Develop module’s top toolbar
Before this update, the top toolbar contained two options: “Browser” and “Preview.” Clicking “Browser” or any of the modes after clicking the option switched you out into the Manager module. Now the modes are expanded side-by-side. Clicking the Browser no longer switches you into the Manager module; you remain in the Develop module.
Browser Mode in Develop

Buttons on the Editor module’s top toolbar
Before this update, the top toolbar contained two options, “Browser” and “Preview.” Clicking “Browser” or any of the modes after clicking the option switched you out into the Manager module. Now none of these options are available in the Editor.

Compare Images
This function has been completely removed from the program. It is no longer available as a mode in the Manager, nor can it be found in the Preferences window. But pictures can still be compared in ZPS – use the Preview function for this.

Full View
This newly-added function is available as a mode in the Manager and Develop modules. See here for more information.
Full View: More Space for Working with Your Photos

Metadata Tokens
Most of the controls for “variable text” have seen deep changes to how they look and work: they now use “metadata tokens” instead. Thus at present, the program uses variable text in some places, and metadata tokens in others. See here for more information.
Metadata Tokens

System icon
In the spring 2022 update (build 371), the View | Preferences | Thumbnails window lost the Show icons for pictures’ Default Programs in their thumbnails option, and it was no longer possible to show these icons in the program. The autumn update has restored this function. It is now located in View | Preferences | Thumbnails, under a new name: System Icon.

Folder Display and Sorting
New options controlling how folders are sorted have been added to the Display and Sorting window. Before the update, only file sorting was available. Also, you can now have different file sorting options for every folder. See here for more information.
Customized Folder Settings

Changes to How Files in Projects Are Replaced
If you have created a project in the Print or Video module and in the meantime some of its files have been moved to a new location, the program alerts you to this.

Drawing Circles and Squares in the Editor
The Editor’s object placement tools now offer one-click placement of a geometrically precise circle or square. For more information, click here.

Automatic Photo Rotation
Vertically-shot photos are now automatically displayed vertically in Print Photos projects within the Print module.

Picture Cropping
Print Photos and Contact Sheets projects in the Print module now provide a small toolbar at the top left for changing how a picture in the project is cropped.

Filmstrip Scrolling
Before this update, items in the Filmstrip could only be scrolled horizontally. Now a vertical scrollbar can be shown in the Filmstrip, using an option in the Display and Sorting window.

The Display and Sorting Window
Some of the functions in this window now differ depending on whether you have entered it from the Browser or from Preview mode. This is true in both the Manager and the Develop module. In Preview mode, this window now offers functions for the Filmstrip.