Sorting and Display

Use the controls in this window to configure the display in the Browser and Filmstrip and how files and subfolders are sorted within folders. The controls that affect the Filmstrip are only available when you open this window from Preview mode. This restriction applies in both the Manager and Develop modules. Meanwhile, if you change this window’s settings in Preview mode, the change is expressed in the Filmstrip as well.

When this window is opened from the Browser mode, three buttons are shown in the top right part of the window:
Ikona. – opens the Thumbnails section of the Preferences window.
Ikona. – sets the currently defined settings as the default for all folders on your computer.
Ikona. –  applies the default Browser display settings to the folder you are currently viewing.

When this window is opened from the Preview mode, an extra button appears in the top right part of the window:
Ikona. – with this option active, the Filmstrip display can be configured independently from the Browser display.


Use the four adjacent buttons at the top of this section to change the display in the Browser or Filmstrip: Ikona. Thumbnails, Ikona. Thumbnails with Extended Info, Ikona. Tiles, and Ikona. Details.

Thumbnail Size – this slider changes the thumbnail display size. It works the same way as the slider in the Browser. In Preview mode, this function is only displayed when the Vertically Shift the Filmstrip option is active and the Separate Display Settings for the Filmstrip option is inactive.
Show Sorting Header
– adds a toolbar in the current folder with options affecting how files are sorted within the folder listing.
Vertically Shift the Filmstrip – turn on this option to add a vertical scroll bar to the Filmstrip. This option is only available in Preview mode.
Show Folders – use this option to show or hide the subfolders in the current folder.


Two mode are available: Current Only and Including Subfolders.
Current Only – If the current folder also contains subfolders, the subfolders’ contents are not shown in that folder.
Including Subfolders – If the current folder also contains subfolders, the subfolders’ contents are shown in that folder.

Folder Sorting

If the current folder contains subfolders, use the settings here to set how they are sorted.

File Sorting

Use the settings here to set how the files in the given folder are sorted.


RAW and JPEG files with identical names can be grouped together. Use the settings here to set which of the two files is given preference. If you choose the JPG preference, then everything that you see and edit for these photo-file pairs will be the JPG version. Use the RAW preference to edit your photos in RAW instead. In the top right corner of each thumbnail, you will see an icon informing about the grouping of formats and about the preferred format. In the Manager and Develop modules, you will see signs RAW + JPG under the histogram. The underlined format is the one you are currently working with.

If a thumbnail contains a crossed-out grouping icon, that means that the picture’s RAW and JPG versions contain differing metadata. To successfully group them, set identical information for both files, or turn on a Group Even With Different Metadata exception under Group RAW and JPG.

A picture’s right-click menu in the Manager offers a choice between the Allow RAW and JPG Grouping option and its opposite, Prevent RAW and JPG Grouping. When grouping is prevented in this way, a Group All Including Excluded Items exception can be set for the Group RAW and JPG option, making grouping once again possible.

Save Settings for Every Folder Separately – with this option active, all settings are stored for every folder separately. Otherwise the same settings will be used for all folders.