Mix Channels

This effect changes a picture's tinting by assembling colors from the original color channels in a new relation to each other.

Work with RGB channels is especially useful when repairing defective pictures with misassembled channels, for advanced color balance adjustments, and for reconstructing the colors in infrared photographs. For infrared photography, due to extremely strong exposure of the red channel, we recommend conversion to black and white, or swapping of the red and blue channels, for a more natural feel.

To reach this window, use Edit | Effects | Mix Channels… in the Browser, or Effects | Mix Channels in the Editor.

The first three items in this window's Channel menu set what channel's output should be affected by the source channels listed below the menu. Offset gives a flat strengthening/weakening of the whole channel. Setting the channel to Grayscale switches the whole window into grayscale mode. Unlike the Grayscale function, it enables subtraction of individual color channels.