Place Text

The most common use for the Place Text function is adding a copyright watermark to a photo, or adding descriptive text near one of its edges.

To reach this window, use Edit | Place Text [Ctrl+T] in the Browser or Editor.

In this window, you tell the program what text to place, what settings it should have, its position, offset, and transparency. You can set the text’s size either absolutely (in pixels) or relatively (in percent of the picture’s size). Besides static, fixed text, you can make use of the program’s metadata tokens feature in this window. This feature enables you to make use of information about a picture, so you can e.g. store the time a photo was taken inside the photo. If you have never worked with metadata tokens before, we strongly recommend that you read the Metadata Tokens topic before beginning work with it.

Once ou have added text to a picture and saved that picture, the change is irreversible—the text cannot be changed or removed afterwards.

More Information

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