Installing the Program

Before installing the program, make sure that your computer’s configuration corresponds to at least the minimum system requirements and that you’re connected to the internet. An internet connection is needed because the installer itself is very small, and thus does not contain the program data, which is downloaded during installation.

At the initial installation screen, choose the language for the installation process and for Zoner Photo Studio X, and click Continue to start that process.  Unlike in older versions, the program is not installed to the Program Files folder. It is installed to your user profile in Windows instead. If a computer has multiple users and each user has their own profile, Zoner Photo Studio X needs to be installed into each profile separately. To launch Zoner Photo Studio X after installing it, click its desktop icon.

Advanced Installation Settings – here you can set whether to import settings from a previous version and whether to uninstall the previous version of the program.

64-bit version

The Zoner installer contains both a 32-bit version and a 64-bit version of Zoner Photo Studio. It automatically chooses which version to install based the version of Windows you are using. A shortcut for Zoner Photo Studio is then placed on the Desktop and in the Windows Start menu. The program’s 64-bit version shows x64 in its title bar when it is running.

64-bit version – Advantages and Limitations

The 64-bit version speeds up work with the program and makes it possible to work with larger pictures. On the other hand, some program functions do not work in 64-bit mode and thus are unavailable. Even the 64-bit version of the program does not enable work with 64bit 8BF plug-ins.

Changing the Program’s Language Version

The language version for your ZPS X can be changed even after it has been installed. To do so, launch the installer and then use the Change Program Language menu item. This changes the language of the program itself; note, however, that the Catalog will remain in its original language version.