Canvas Size

This function resizes a picture by cropping it or adding a colored border.

To reach this function in Manager, use Edit | Canvas Size [Ctrl+W]. In Editor, use Document | Canvas Size [Ctrl+W].
To resize the canvas for a selected layer in the Editor, use Canvas Layer Size [Ctrl+Shift+Alt+W].

If the Relative is not checked, then the Width and Height values determine the picture’s size. To set the new size via the increase/decrease in size, rather than setting the new size directly, use the Relative option. (To set a decrease in size, use a negative value.) To set where to “anchor” the whole operation, use the Image alignment control. Increasing the canvas size adds a border around the picture.

Only in Develop Module, Click Color to set its color using the Windows color picking window. Click the eyedropper to set the color by clicking a color in the picture.

Fill in background using blurred image – turn on this option to fill in the canvas background with a blurred image when stretching out the canvas. To fine-tune this blurring process, use these options: Blurring Strength | Zoom | Color blending. This option is in the Editor, within the Canvas Size tool.