Red Eye Reduction

To eliminate red eyes in photos, use the Editor’s Red Eye Reduction tool. To activate it, click the Red Eye Reduction [R] button in the main toolbar.

This tool works like the Paintbrush, but instead of drawing normally, it removes any red color that you draw over. Set the tool’s size, then click and draw to edit the eye area. If you misclick, just undo your steps: Edit | Undo [Ctrl+Z]. It’s easiest to fix red eyes when you are zoomed in on a picture.

For more advanced red eye reduction, use Advanced mode. In this mode, you can choose a different color for reduction than the usual red or white. Use the eyedropper to pick it. This is useful for fixing animal-eye problems.

You can set the tool’s Radius, its color Tolerance, the amount of Darkening of the retouched area, and Blurring (fading-out towards the outside of the tool). You can use a tablet with this tool just like with the other retouching tools

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